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Nesting Pots and Pans Without Scratching

If you're like me and have to nest your pots and pans to conserve precious storage space in the kitchen, you know that this can scratch the inside surfaces of your cookware. And if there is a protective, nonstick coating on those inside surfaces, your food will, then, start sticking to the pots and pans when you cook in them regardless of how careful you are to use the proper non-scratch tools to stir and turn the food while cooking. Also, there's a chance that those scratched coatings will become flaky and wind up in your food as you cook. Gross! So, today, I'm going to share a little secret with you that will prevent those scratches from happening.

Simply place a barrier between them! I use paper towels as they should last for a while before I need to replace them - and paper towels are thin so that there isn't any added bulk when I use them. But old dish towels or soft, cotton fabrics may be a better choice for you. Any soft barrier used between pots and pans will protect them. This protective barrier will also serve as a dust barrier, so it's a good idea to place your choice barrier inside the top pot or pan as well.

prevent scratching nested pots and pans

I just got this cute, magnetic steel set of pots and pans to use with the single inductive eye that we purchased to use during power outages (because it has lower wattages that can be used with our power bank); although, these can be used on any cooking surface. I do want to mention that the stock pot is smaller than what comes with most cookware sets, which is fine for my purposes since this isn't my main cookware. And it would likely be fine for cooking small meals for 1 or 2 people or warming up leftover stews and soups. These pots and pans pictured have a ceramic coating, and my other set of pots and pans have the stronger anodized Granitestone cooking surface. No more Teflon for me!

I hope this little secret helps you if you need to nest your pots and pans. 

Until next time, take care,




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