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Charcoal Grilling Recipe for Beef Kebabs

Grilled Beef Kebabs

AKA Kababs or Kabobs

As I've already mentioned, grilling is my newest hobby. I call it a hobby; otherwise, I wouldn't do it because a lot of time is required to prep. Grilling is meant to get me outdoors more, so yes, it is a hobby. Someone recently told me that they enjoy grilling because it's so much easier and there is less cleanup. I'm not sure how that can be unless they simply add something onto the grill without prepping it with flavor. Gas grilling may be slightly easier since no prepping is needed to heat it up as with a charcoal grill. However, I'm not 100% sure about that.

And honestly, I use more dishes for grilling than I normally would for cooking on my kitchen stove. But the flavors and connecting with nature are so worth it.

Directions for these beef kebabs are for the charcoal grill.
prepping charcoal grill

But they can also be made in the oven or on a gas grill as well, using your own judgment for cooking times. This cook involves open-fire cooking, so never leave an open fire unattended. 

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Prep Time

1 hour for marinade and food prep

1 hour to overnight marinating time

30 minute grill prep - considering your grill is clean and ready to start grilling

30-40 minute cook

Serves 4

Marinade Ingredients

1/4 cup vegetable oil

3/4 cup soy sauce

1 Tablespoon A1 sauce 

1/4 tsp Kosher salt

1/4 tsp ground pepper

Other Ingredients

1 lb. of beef tips or beef stew cubes (beef stew cubes may need to be more evenly cut for even cooking)

1 large onion (color of your choice) cut about 1 inch square

4 bell peppers of various colors cut about 1 inch squares

1 24 oz. bag of petite potatoes boiled until just tender enough for a fork to pierce through (~10 minutes)

beef kebab ingredients
Kebab ingredients

Basting Ingredients

3 Tablespoon of cooking oil

6 Tablespoons of soy sauce

Dash of Kosher salt and ground pepper

Other items needed

Skewers - metal does not require prepping; wooden skewers require soaking in water for at least 30 minutes to prevent them from catching fire while in the grill and also from splintering

Gallon-sized Ziploc bag

Large bowl for Ziploc bag to fit into and fold the edges over (this makes it easier to pour the marinade and meat into the bag). See below.

Silicon baster and bowl to hold basting ingredients 

beef kebab marinating bag and bowl
Ziploc bag inside bowl


Mix the marinade ingredients together in a bowl

Fit Ziploc bag over the bowl

Pour marinade ingredients into the Ziploc bag

Place meat into the marinade inside the Ziploc bag 

Allow to marinate at least 1 hour. Overnight is okay too!

Prepare Vegetable and Meat Skewers Separately

Your vegetables will cook slower than the meat will, so place them on separate skewers

Place in fridge until ready to grill

Veggies should be barely touching on their individual skewers so they can cook thoroughly. 

veggies for beef kebabs

Meat cooks more thoroughly if you leave a slight space between each piece 

beef kebabs

Heating the Grill

Place about 25 charcoal briquettes in pyramid style into the center of the grill and light

Allow the briquettes to ash over

This could take about 30 minutes

Once they ash over, spread these first briquettes out to cover more area 

Add about 10 more briquettes in a smaller pyramid style on top of the first briquettes

Oil to the grates (remember, if you're using oil spray, do not spray grates while over the hot briquettes; spray them outside the grill and several feet away from the grill)

Now, you can place the sprayed grates inside the grill and close the lid so they can get hot.

Let the Cooking Begin!

Baste the veggies

Place the veggie skewers on the grates directly over the hot coals

Leave the lid open

Turn after 2-3  minutes

Baste again after turning. Because your basting liquid has oil in it, move the veggie skewers from over the hot coals to prevent a flame up. 

Test for tenderness from time to time 

After about 20 minutes (give or take) the veggies are ready to be removed from the grill; there will be nice scorch marks on each veggie.

Next, baste and add the meat skewers directly over the coals

Turn meat every 2-3 minutes, basting after each turn. Again, do not baste directly over the hot coals to avoid a flame up.

Beef should be cooked thoroughly. This can take up to 10 minutes

If at any time, any of the meat or veggies seem to be cooking too fast, move them to a cool part of the grill (a place where there is no charcoal underneath)




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