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Love My Granitestone Cookware

I bought my Granitestone cookware June 3, 2023. I loved these right out of the box. Now, after nearly 5 months of use, I'll have to say this is the best cookware I've ever owned. And I've owned lots of cookware since my husband and I got married nearly 35 years ago. I'm actually considering buying one of their knife sets too. If I do, I'll leave a product review on here for those as well. 

Granitestone is not paying me for this review. If you know me by now, you know that I started this website to help other women in every aspect of life that I can. Why tell you about this today? Because I cook our meals nearly every night of the week. And I feel that 5 months is long enough to tell you about these. They haven't warped yet like most cookware does - usually after the first use. These are very heavy duty. 

I really like the glass lids so I can watch my meal more closely. These lids are also vented with small holes so I don't have to tilt them to vent. It is difficult to remove the grease from glass lids, though, even with Dawn, which happens to be the only dishwashing liquid I'll use because it is very good at removing grease. So, I'll use vinegar, as I mentioned in a previous cleaning post, to finish cleaning the grease off after washing the lids with Dawn.

Meals cook much faster in these pots and pans. Oh my goodness! I burned my fried potatoes the first couple of times I used one of the skillets. So, stick around and turn frequently. My homemade vegetable beef soup started boiling within a couple of minutes last night, where it would have taken at least 10 minutes to start boiling in my old pot. So, be very careful not to scorch gravies, not to over heat boiled eggs, etc. Heat distributes faster on the flat, square skillet so that my pancakes brown more evenly on my round stove eye. So, one more warning, cooking is much faster in these skillets and requires more frequent turning and stirring to avoid burning and scorching.

With that said, the scorched or overcooked food will come off very easily. Because I did make these mistakes when I first used these. I use very little vegetable oil when I decide to use any at all. Because certain foods such as fries need some oil in order to brown evenly. 

Another thing I love about this cookware is that the coating hasn't flaked yet. I've always had issues with other nonstick (Teflon) coatings wanting to flake after the first use - and I always used proper utensils with them. I still use my older plastic utensils with this cookware. On occasion, I've used metal, but very carefully. No problems yet. The outside has scratched some, but I do nest and stack my cookware because I don't have much storage space. However, the scratches on the outside aren't very noticeable and don't hurt them cosmetically. Just wanted to bring that to your attention.

The price tag on my set is decent at $149 on Amazon (link is below the picture). I've paid way more for cookware that disappointed me the first time I cooked with them. These don't need to be seasoned like some of the other cookware I've recently used (copper cookware). These do come with a 30 day return option if you aren't satisfied. So, if you've been looking to buy new cookware, I think Granitestone is worth trying. As always, if you have questions, feel free to contact me on the right side of the page or leave a comment. 

Granitestone cookware
Image courtesy of Amazon/Granitestone


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