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Grilled Flavor from the Oven

Grilled Flavors with Your Oven

Happy Saturday morning, everyone! Today, I want to tell you how to make corn and hotdogs in the oven so that they taste and look like they just came off the grill. As with any grilled food, you can the scorch the corn or char the hotdogs as light or as dark as you like. 

Corn on the Cob

Grilled flavor from the oven
Image courtesy of Christina Branco via Unsplash

For the "grilled" corn taste you'll need clean corn (right?), aluminum foil, salt, and margarine.

  • Preheat the oven to 550 degrees.
  • Tear off sections of aluminum foil to wrap around each ear of corn later. 
  • Set each ear of corn onto its individual foil wrap.
  • Spread margarine over every inch of each ear of corn.
  • Salt the margarine that you spread onto the corn.
  • Wrap corn tightly in the aluminum foil.
  • Place wrapped corn on the aluminum-lined baking pan with the foil seal on the corn facing up so you can maintain as much of the margarine inside the foil as possible.
  • Put in oven on middle rack position to cook for about an hour (check at about 45 minutes to see if any scorching has started to occur on the kernels). Corn and foil will be hot and steamy so handle with extreme caution.
  • After the initial 45-minute check, you should check the corn about every 15 minutes or so until the corn is scorched to your satisfaction. Again, use extreme caution each time you check.
  • When satisfied, with the scorch, carefully remove the pan from oven as the corn may roll around even when wrapped in foil. Use tongs and a fork to carefully remove the foil from the corn. 
  • Despite all our efforts to maintain the butter throughout the cooking process, most of that margarine that you put on the corn will evaporate. But we needed it to create that beautiful and tasty scorch. So, salt and butter the corn again to your desired taste.


For the "grilled" hotdogs taste, you'll just need your favorite brand of hotdogs and a pack of buns. I feel that I need to warn you that the hotdogs will likely splatter and make a mess in your oven. If that doesn't bother you, carry on with the instructions below.
  • Preheat the oven to 550 degrees.
  • Line a baking pan with aluminum foil.
  • Place hotdogs on the foil-lined pan.
  • Watch carefully. Oven will fill with smoke as the hotdogs become hot and the grease splatters, so open the oven door carefully to check on the char. 
  • As with the corn, you will remove the hotdogs when you're pleased with the amount of char that forms on the hotdogs as they cook in the oven. 
  • Place your hotdogs on the buns. Top with your favorite condiments. Enjoy!
grilled hotdog flavor from the oven
Image courtesy of Stephanie McCabe via Unsplash

I hope you enjoyed today's post. Thanks so much for dropping by today.

God bless you and take care,




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