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Use a Toothbrush to Clean Veggies

A soft-bristle toothbrush is great for cleaning vegetables. In particular, I like to clean carrots and corn with a toothbrush. For the cleaning agent, you can use liquid soap, dishwashing liquid (my preference) or vegetable cleaner found in the produce section of your local grocer.

For corn, you first need to remove the husk and as much of the silk as possible. Wash with your preferred cleaning agent. Rinse thoroughly under warm running water. Then after you have rinsed away the agent, use your toothbrush to rake over the kernels (lengthwise) to remove most of the remaining silks. 

clean corn with a toothbrush
Image courtesy of Katherine Volkovski via Unsplash

With carrots, chop off the green tops and the tips. Next, wash them with your preferred agent mentioned above. Use the toothbrush to clean in the crevices of the carrots while the cleaning agent is still on them. Rinse thoroughly under warm running water to wash away all the dirt.

clean carrots with toothbrush
Image courtesy of  Farrinni via Unsplash

You can also use a toothbrush to clean a deeper "divot" or "crease" of a potato, radishes, turnips, or any other vegetable you bring home that needs an extra scrub to remove dirt. 

I hope this will be helpful the next time you bring your veggies home from the grocery store. Next Saturday, join me for my homemade creamed corn recipe. It's a delicious side dish.





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