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Finished Stained Glass and Paint by Number Projects July 2022

I hope you're having a lovely Saturday morning. Lately, I've been back to my therapeutic crafting. I've finished a couple of simple paint by number projects and I've begun to piddle in stained glass. The stained glass is much harder than I thought it would be. But I'll keep playing until I get better at it. Right now, I'm using the Gallery Glass stained glass paints by Plaid. The link will take you to their Gallery Glass YouTube videos. As I've watched videos from other stained glass artists, I have discovered a few other cheaper techniques that can be used. More about that as I test those later on. 

Finished Stained Glass Project
Dragonfly Stained Glass, Butterfly Stained Glass, Rose Stained Glass

Sunflower Stained Glass Project
Sunflower Stained Glass

Finished paint by number project
Butterfly paint by number

Finished hummingbird paint by number
Hummingbird paint by number

I've started some of my deep cleaning around the house, and the crafting is helping me to stay focused on NOT trying to finish all of the deep cleaning in a month - which never happens anyway. I'll clean for 4 or 5 hours, then I'll craft for an hour or two. So far, that is working very well. Then I'll take a couple of days off for strictly crafting, which relaxes me and prepares me for the next round of cleaning I'll do the following week. For example, last week, I started cleaning the drapes, valances, blinds, window frames, and inside windows, took my mom to get her hair done, and did my routine cleaning. I finished the windows this week and still had time to help with the mowing, do my routine cleaning, and to take my mom to the doctor. I'm back to hand quilting for the time being. Also, when I have any transcribing projects, I have plenty of time to work on those without feeling like I'm missing out on the crafting or the deep cleaning. It's just be a nice change of pace - with a pay day afterwards. : )

I used to get all the windows and window treatments done in a day or two. And the rest of the deep cleaning was done the same way, whether it was ceilings, walls, lights/ceiling fans, carpet, etc. As I get older (nearly 60), that's not as easy as it used to be. Besides, I used to be terribly cranky during those deep cleaning phases, because I was trying to do too much too fast. I have gotten much wiser since those earlier years. : ) Also, the house smells cleaner longer as I go through and deep clean it more slowly.💡

Within the last month, besides the windows, I've also shampooed the couches, dining room, and kitchen chairs, removed the screens from all the windows, cleaned the oven, inside the fridge, and beneath/behind the stove and fridge. 

What are you ladies up to? Have you finished any projects - cleaning, crafting, anything else? We'd love to hear how you handle the stress in your life.

Take care and God bless,



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