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Preparing for Meditation

Preparing for Meditation

Home base

This post will be home base for all of our meditation. I will link to this post in all meditation posts from this point on so you can refer to the details and prepare your soft music/sounds (if preferred) and other supplies before we begin meditating. These meditations will be Christian based. I invite you to join us for the peace this will provide. They are meant to help release stress, let go of anxieties, and accept life's circumstances. Problems arise, life happens, but we don't have to let these things control our lives. That being said, though, these meditations are not meant to take the place of medical assistance that you may need. 

Meditation Preparation
image courtesy of Daniela Cuevas via Unsplash

What you will need

First, you need to find a quiet, comfortable place to sit. If on the floor, then be sure you have a comfortable cushion or mat. If on a sofa or chair, it should be comfy as well.

You'll need a focal point, such as a candle flame (electric candle flicker is fine) for open-eye meditation. The YouTube videos below provide calming shots of nature that might serve as a good focal point. Perhaps you have or could print a picture of something calming that you can use as your focal point.

Closed-eye meditations will focus mostly on breath, phrase, or word. Something lightly scented may be helpful in keeping you anchored - a scented candle (doesn't have to be lit for closed-eye meditation) incense, wax melts, or a jar of potpourri.

Expect moments of silence as we allow the body and mind to relax.

Keep tissues nearby as you may experience emotional release during a session. I've had this happen several times. Tears are a beautiful and natural way to cleanse our mind, body, and soul from toxicity in our lives.

Have water handy as breathing exercises or emotions may cause or increase thirst. Hydration is very important.

You will need a journal - whether a blog, a Google doc or Word document, a phone app, or a physical journal and pencil as I will prompt you to write something thoughtful after each of our sessions. You're welcome to share via the comments section below each session post as well. 😉

Soft music is helpful to set the mood for meditation. Some people prefer listening to the hum of their own home, the ticking of a clock, the chirping of the birds in their own yard, other calming noise around the house, or simply quiet. Therefore, I will not provide the music or sounds for the meditations at this point. I will let you decide what is best for you. If you don't have your own CDS but prefer some sound, I have provided a few YouTube videos below that you might enjoy listening to. Or you can create a Relaxation station on Pandora to listen to. I want you to be able to set the mood yourself. Whatever you decide, though, if you choose to stream music or sounds from a device, the volume will need to be very soft so it is relaxing and so you can hear my voice guide you. This may require using 2 devices to be able to better control volume for both. 😇

Please continue reading below the videos for more details.

Calming, relaxing, occasional birds singing

Solo piano, occasional birds singing, occasional waterfall

Classical music - piano, violins, harp, flutes, cellos, clarinets

Flute accompanied by other instruments

Solo piano

Relaxing hymns (instrumental) with birds singing throughout 

What to expect during meditation 

We will use the praying hands positioned at our heart as we meditate. Praying hands bring physical, mental, and emotional balance. 

Release any tension in your face and body. Let go of the tension in your forehead and between your eyebrows. Don't clinch your jaws; you may need to intentionally keep your upper and lower teeth separated to prevent this. Let the tension melt away from your muscles and joints in the rest of your body. You should feel relaxed in your neck, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, and toes.

Breathing will be used a lot in our meditation. I may sometimes ask you to think or say "YH" as we inhale and "WH" as we exhale. YHWH (commonly spelled Yahweh in English Bibles) is our Heavenly Father's name. Occasionally, we may substitute YHWH for I AM, which is also what God called Himself. Other times, we may speak the name of Jesus, because His name is powerful as well. Other positive, peaceful words and counting are also ways that will enhance our breath exercises on some occasions. At other times, when we inhale, we will think of good things, and we will exhale anything negative or bad. Sometimes, these methods will be combined. These exercises help us to relax and focus on being present.

Breathing is more relaxing when we allow our bellies to inflate and deflate as we inhale and exhale.  Also, our shoulders should be relaxed so they will naturally rise and fall as we breath in and out. I, now, practice these relaxing body motions even when I'm not meditating. This type of breathing keeps the mind clear, releases toxicity, and prepares us for sleep, rest, or energy.

At the end of each session, we will gently move a part or parts of our body to slowly bring us back to the present without losing the calming and nurturing we received in our meditative state.

I will remind you of these things often as we meditate so that toxic release will be easier to achieve - and to maintain.

Praying for success as we go on this journey together,



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