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Clorox Toilet Cleaning System

I've been using the Clorox toilet cleaning system for a couple of weeks, and I already love the way it cleans. I had posted a while back that I had started using vinegar to clean the hard water from the toilet rim along with Lime Away. Well, I wanted to try this Clorox system to try to remove stains that are building up on the bottom of the toilet bowls, because our toilets are 28 years old, and that happens. It's not gross, but I thought I should start trying to nip that now before it does get gross. And to do that I need to get just a tad deeper into the bowl than I can get with a toilet brush. So, I bought this Clorox kit. I did NOT put the vinegar in the toilet bowl when using these cleaning pads, because you aren't supposed to mix vinegar and bleach.

It turns out, the deeper area of the bowl is rough and not coated with ceramic like the upper section of the toilet bowl is, which caused the cleaning head to start separating from the plastic piece it was attached to. So, this system didn't work for me with my mission to clean deeper. Enough of the cleaning head remained intact, so I moved on and used it to clean the ceramic section of the bowl. It worked extremely better than the vinegar did! I was amazed at how much hard water build up came out from under the rim. My husband just cleaned out nearly 28 years of that build up in July of this year (2023), and I've been using the Lime Away and vinegar every week since. Wow! 

So, I can't really recommend the Lime Away and vinegar combo now that I've used this Clorox toilet cleaning system. I did spray some Lime Away under the rim before I used the system, so it may have helped a little. I just know that tons of that hard water build up came off with the Clorox system. There is tons of cleaner in that little cleaning pad. So, I scrubbed, flushed, and used the same cleaning pad again to remove the rest of the loosened build up from under the rim.

I highly recommend this product. Our toilets were literally sparkling after using these cleaning pads on them. My only caution is to NOT use it to clean that deeper portion of the toilet bowl, because the pad may come loose from the connected section that's attached to the wand. Keep an eye out for that to happen anyway, because these are not flushable cleaning pads. 

The pad easily drops into the waste basket with the push button on the front of the wand. Wipe the wand off with toilet paper and easily disinfect with a Clorox wipe before placing it in the holder on the front of the caddy. The section of the caddy with the lid is to hold your cleaning pads. Very convenient. No more transferring germs from toilet to toilet with a toilet brush or storing germs on a toilet brush inside the bathroom closet. 

Again, I'm not being paid for this product review. Just some friendly tips and advice if you've been thinking about using this system.

I'm still wondering how I can clean that bottom section of the toilet bowl without sticking my hands in there - even with gloves on. Maybe a bottle brush or sponge from the Dollar Tree? I'll let you know what I come up with. Or do you have a tried and true way that has worked for you? Let us know in the comments below.

Clorox toilet cleaning system
Image courtesy of Amazon/Clorox


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