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Tuckered Out

I've been meaning to share this cute picture with you for a couple of months. Our cat, Cleo, was completely exhausted in this picture. Usually, she'll sleep on the back of the couch, but she didn't quite make it that far. She stopped and took a nap before proceeding to the back of the couch.

Unlike many cats, she usually stays up all day. She doesn't like to miss out on any of our conversations or any opportunities to help around the house, and later in the day, the sun reflects off of the number cars that drive up and down our road. So, she'll watch that for hours. 

Tuckered Out
Cleo is tuckered out

This picture was probably taken after dinner. She realizes there won't be anymore food for a while after this point and will finally relax. Besides her special treats - 4 half-teaspoon servings of canned cat food every hour from 11:30 to 2:30, she actually likes for us to feed her some things from our plates. She wants to try everything, but most of it she'll turn her nose up at once we put it on a napkin in front of her. She does like Hillshire Farms processed turkey (sandwich meat) and Hormel Black Label bacon. During the height of the pandemic when our favorite brands were hard to find, I tried a different brand of bacon, and she wouldn't eat it. I won't buy any other brand of sandwich meat. But I'm sure she would react the same way with another brand of turkey. She doesn't like real turkey. Go figure. 

She only recently became interested in the smell of spaghetti and almost jumped onto my tray to try it one day. I chopped the spaghetti into small bite-size pieces for her and let her try it. It turns out, it's more the spaghetti sauce she likes, but she'll occasionally eat some of the spaghetti pieces as well. She also likes the smell of my homemade vegetable beef soup, but I haven't let her try that.

Purina makes some canned foods that have veggies and small pasta pieces in them, so I've started buying those for her 4 half-teaspoon treats each day. I think the canned food gives her a little more fluids each day plus a small break from the dry cat food. The dry cat food, of course, helps keep down tartar buildup on her teeth, so she still gets more of that than she does the canned food.  

So, it isn't any wonder, after all that busy stuff she does all day, that she might not quite make it to the back of the couch from time to time. Her name, by the way, besides rhyming with Leo (as in Leo the lion), is also short for Cleopatra. I knew she would be the queen of our house when we brought her  home from the shelter, and she lives up to her name every day. 

Thanks for dropping by and reading about our silly cat today. Take care and God bless.



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