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Remembering the Loss of Many this Year

Memorial Day is a day we remember those we have lost - parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, and others we love. This year, though, it's more special because there is so much grief around the world. And people are struggling with personal griefs as well - such as domestic violence. I was hoping that Covid would make us all realize how precious life is, learn to love more and hate less. Even if no one you know or love has died from Covid, you have watched those death numbers rise each day. Now we're watching as monkeypox cases rise. 

On top of these plagues, Russia started a war with Ukraine earlier this year, and other controversies between countries have started. I think we can be almost certain that more worldwide plagues and controversies are on the way. 

Let's not forget the victims of natural disasters. Fires, floods, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other disasters have taken countless lives as well.

But the saddest news of all is the hate crimes that have shown up so much lately - Buffalo, New York, Uvalde, Texas, and other mass shootings in 2022 alone in the United States. These people who died were loved by their families, and they were senselessly, selfishly taken from their loved ones. Just because someone was having a bad day or felt that society had wronged them or because they simply hated and they picked innocent people to take out their anger on. Any one of us could be killed because we happen to be in the wrong school, church, movie theater, or grocery store. None of this makes sense, but I will never understand why anyone would target children. 

remembering the loss of many
Image courtesy of Selena Morar via Unsplash

And lastly, I was sad to see the news about the 11 newborns who died in a fire in West Africa. Our hearts and prayers go out to the mothers of these infants. 

All we can do is mourn over the losses of these innocent people. We can remember them and hold them in our hearts. Today, let's say a prayer for their loved ones and pray that, moving forward, God will protect the innocent and help us figure out how to keep guns out of the hands of killers, how to protect our children, how to stop the hate, how to protect people from natural disasters, how to help people get out of dangerous domestic situations. 

God needs to hear from us more often. Let's honor the Heavenly Father today. Let's honor his Son, Jesus Christ, for giving his life for all of us who will believe and trust in his goodness. Let's honor the Holy Spirit who dwells in those of us who believe so that we will make right decisions, who helps our motives be pure, who helps us love like Christ. Let love surface instead of more hate.

May God bless you,



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