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Other Types of Work a Transcriptionist Can Do

Transcriptionists are best known for having fast fingers. But they have a keen eye as well. Therefore, there are other types of work a transcriptionist can do, such as proofreading and data entry. Read on to find out more about these skill sets.


As I mention in my book, Transcribe Like a Pro: Making Money from Home, a transcriptionist needs to have good proofreading skills. She makes sure words are spelled correctly and punctuation is correctly placed. Sometimes she has to improve the speaker’s grammar, especially if the language being spoken is not native to the speaker.

To make sure words are spelled correctly, she may need to do some research or have her favorite online dictionary readily available for those unfamiliar words that she is transcribing. The same is true when proofreading a written document, such as for a book or magazine article. People often misuse or misspell words. And they often use punctuation incorrectly. Commas tend to be the most incorrectly used punctuation that I find. So, I encourage you to become familiar with the best use of commas. For example, you should know when to use them to divide a series of words or phrases. At other times, a period, question mark, or semicolon may make better sense. has helpful tips on all types of punctuation as well as grammar solutions.

You already have the skills of a proofreader as a transcriptionist. Yet, this is only one of the other types of work a transcriptionist can do. So, if proofreading isn’t your preference, perhaps data entry will be.

Data Entry

Data entry can be great work to do in between your transcribing jobs. Many, if not most, data entry jobs involve research skills. As I have already mentioned, research is something a transcriptionist is very familiar with. Sometimes clients will provide a few documents for you to retreive information from and incorporate into a spreadsheet or a database. The latter, of course, is the easiest.

Spreadsheets and databases, however, aren’t the only forms of data entry. Sometimes people want you to address digital envelopes or copy names to be used in the salutations of letters. You may also be asked to research information to copy and paste into a Word document. Be sure to cite this information with the web link, author’s name, and date of publication. And if you are entering any information by hand instead of using the copy/paste method, be sure to proofread your work for accuracy as you go. Because a data entry error can be costly for both you and your client.

Proofreading and Data Entry Summary

The data entry examples listed in this post are just the tip of the iceberg. And proofreading jobs may also require you to fix syntax errors, paragraph placements, and more. So, be sure you’re comfortable with many types of editing if you’re interested in proofreading. Download my free 7 Freelance Websites ebook to find remote proofreading and data entry jobs.

Data entry and proofreading
Image courtesy of Aleks Dorohovich via Unsplash

I still owe you one more free eBook that goes with this work-from-home series, so watch for that to come within the next couple of weeks. Other than announcing the book, this is the final post for this series. I hope you have found these to be helpful. Feel free to reach out with any questions via the contact form on the right or by using the comment form below. A new series will start soon! 


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