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Begin to Win; Overcome Fear

Winning Quote

“You will never win if you never begin.” ~ HELEN ROWLAND

Begin to win
Just BEGIN - image courtesy of  Danielle MacInnes via Unsplash

Begin to Win by Doing

2020 literally opened my eyes to how to overcome fear and begin to win. I actually started this blog shortly after the COVID pandemic was announced in 2020. At the time, I was gripped in fear when the grocery shelves became bare and I was unable to buy the ingredients I needed for my family’s favorite meals. We had to “make do” with what was available, and I was rethinking my weekly menu on the fly.

After about a month of panic, though, I noticed the grocery shelves started to slowly fill up again. Yes! God was lifting the veil of doom. That was the beginning of my win over fear. I noticed how hard the stockers were working and commented to them how great the store was beginning to look again. Because I think people should know they are doing a great job and how much they are appreciated.

I want to mention, today, that my online work is what helped me keep my mind off of the pandemic and low stocks. This virus and all the difficulties it has caused for so many people has made me realize the most important need people have. And that need is to be able to feel secure.

Win with Security

Security has many faces. Usually, it involves money. And unfortunately, I know many of you have lost your jobs or just need an additional income for one reason or another. That's why I'm writing all of these #smlworkfromhome posts - so you can leave fear in your rearview mirror. Afterall, life is about the little wins. 

I hope you'll continue to visit and will sign up for our newsletter (top of page), because I want to help you with those little wins. Whether it's a happy thought, a housework tip, work-from-home advice, or a moment with/for God, I want to be your go-to source for small victories.

Take care and God bless you as you find your security one win at a time. God is good!


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