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Question of the Week: How Often do You go Grocery Shopping?

How many times a month do you go grocery shopping? I hope your answer to this question is not "daily". I used to do my bulk trips once a week before Covid. Since then, I do my bulk trips every other week to minimize my exposure to germs. Ha ha! My husband will stop to get a couple of items throughout the week if I need him to, or we'll make a quick trip over the weekend if we need something or if I forgot something during my bulk trip. This every-other-week trip is expensive - usually $400 to $600 - so I plan it for payday or near payday when the money is available. 

I also have a list of regular grocery items typed up in a Word document. These items are placed in "group" order such as Produce, Canned and Boxed Meals, Frozen, Refrigerated, etc. I print that document and circle items we need for each trip. That saves a lot of time from back tracking through the store by not having a large, unorganized list. If something we need isn't on my list, I just write the item in the correct group with a price beside of it. I list prices beside each item so I can add them up and have an estimate of how much I'll spend.

Grocery trips
Image courtesy of Viki Mohamad via Unsplash

For me, limiting my grocery trips saves me time and gas. It seems I always pick up something extra every time I get groceries, so it definitely saves money as well. 

I carefully plan my menus (from a list of meals that I keep with my calendar) so that if I need to use fresh meat such as for meatloaf and burgers, I'll use that meat before the expiration date. I also plan meals that use fresh produce soon after the grocery trip also. 

I can always freeze chicken, pork chops, and roasts, and thaw those out in the microwave before cooking. I actually have a small freezer in the garage to stock up on those kinds of meats - and for ground beef I can freeze and thaw to use as needed for meals like veggie beef soup, chili, and spaghetti. These meals can be made the week after the grocery trip.

I hope this post helps you plan fewer grocery trips and appropriately schedule two weeks worth of meals. 

Wishing you good health and many blessings,



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