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Question of the Week: Have you had your DNA tested?

The question this week is about DNA testing. Have you been tested? A few years ago, I had my DNA tested through 23 and Me. The first result showed that I had one great, great, great...grandmother who was 100% Sub-Saharan and another who was 100% Ashkenazi/Jewish (likely from the tribe of Judah - the tribe Jesus was from). Since then, they have removed these grandmothers from my DNA results, which has upset me a bit. I requested them back but they told me they weren't relevant since each one was only .01% of my DNA. But they're relevant to me. They're two of the reasons I'm here today! I have lost two great, great, great....grandmothers because of  a decision 23 and Me made for me. If I would have known, I would have gotten screenshots of the results before they were removed. 

DNA testing
Image courtesy of Photoholgic via Unsplash

My dad had a DNA test done, as well, through 23 and Me. His showed that Luke (yes, the one who wrote the books of Luke and Acts in the New Testament in the Holy Bible) is in his family tree. That's exciting to know since he was also the companion of Saul/Paul whose letters to the early Christian churches make up most of the remainder of the New Testament.

My DNA now reads as 100% Northwestern European with markers from UK, Ireland, France, Germany, and Switzerland. Still impressive, but I miss my other 2 grandmothers. If you decide to use 23 and Me, they'll also give you a map of where your ancestors originated and how their travels led them to the locations your ancestry comes from. My maps show that my ancestors still originated in Africa and traveled through the Middle East so that thousands of years later, they settled in Northwest Europe and later to the United States. So, that still correlates to the 2 grandmothers that 23 and Me removed from my DNA lineup.

From ancestor research my mom did on, she found out that my great-grandmother actually did travel from Ireland with her first child when she was about 15 (?) years old. Somewhere, Mom has a copy of the ship's manifest that shows my great-grandmother was a slave. I would imagine that meant indentured servant, and that was so she could have paid for hers and my great-uncle's passage to the states. 

What about you? What are do your DNA results show? Are you related to any famous people?

Until next week, may God bless you.



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