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Question of the Week: Has Man Really Been to the Moon?

One of the few things I remember as a little girl was watching the static picture of 2 men walking on the moon on the 3-channel TV set in our house. That beeping and static talking from their  microphones still bothers my ears. Within the last few years, though, this question about whether or not man has really been to the moon has come up. So, that's why I ask you this question today.

Have we walked on the moon?
Image courtesy of Yale News/Yale University

Personally, I think the conspiracy theorists are correct. I don't think we've not been to the moon. Why would NASA - or any other space group in the world for that matter - not have sent more astronauts to the moon in the past 53 years? 

And when I think of all the trillions and trillions of dollars wasted on space research, for reasons I don't understand, I get ill. I'm sorry if I don't understand nor appreciate the fact that a spacecraft touched the sun. How can that possibly be helpful in any way? Wouldn't that money have been better spent to help build homes for the homeless or feed hungry people or help reduce the cost of medication and insurance or even pay for people to stay home longer to completely eradicate Covid? The money it cost to JUST touch the moon with a spacecraft could have probably been used for all of the above for everyone around the entire world for several years. 

But there were also all those expensive test rockets from SpaceX within the last couple of years as well. A few of those tests went up in a blaze of fire as I remember. More waste! All for the sake of  "affordable" space travel. So, people might be able to travel to Mars. Really?! We are having a severe inflation crisis right now. We could use some help on the earth God actually created for us to deflect some of these rising costs.

What are your thoughts on the moon? On space waste in general?

Thanks for dropping by today. Take care and God bless you.



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