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Question of the Week: Who is your favorite author?

Who is your favorite author?

So, who writes your favorite books? Or even, who is the host of your favorite podcast or YouTube channel? I consider a good speaker to be as much an author as someone who writes. This question has many layers for me as I'm sure it does for most of you as well.

As I mentioned in a post a while back, reading is one of my hobbies. However, I don't get to read as often as I would like. So, I got this bookshelf recently to hold the books that I both read more frequently (my Bibles and daily devotions at the top) and books that I want to read within the next few years. 

Bookshelf of my favorite authors

Holy Bible

I'll start with the Holy Bible. God is the most awesome author of all. He provided us with a book of instructions for life, after all. I have different versions of the Bible on my bookshelf for study purposes - with more versions on phone apps. There are lots of layers to peel back here because God chose so many people to write this book for him. 

First of all, Jesus was a beautiful teacher of the law - a beautiful speaker. For me, he made the law feel more like love. He showed us how to follow the rules with an accepting heart. The words he spoke to everyday individuals and in his sermons just melt into my soul. I feel his nearness as I read his quotes in the four Gospels. And as a human living in a world full of other humans, I often have to reread his words to keep me grounded. Because life has a way of stripping away our humility and conscience. On top of that, the devil lies to us about ourselves and others. So, I try to cleanse myself in Christ's words to remove the anger, jealousy, weariness, doubt, self-pity, pride, or whatever else I feel are robbing me of the joys God has gifted to me.

And of course, God gave Moses, the author of the first five books of the Old Testament, the original laws, to try to help those Israelites as they wandered in the wilderness for 40 years. Those laws followed them into the Promised Land and the following centuries that led up to Jesus, who showed us how to live the moral laws (Ten Commandments) through love, as I mentioned above. Read the Gospel of John chapter 1 to read how the Word (God's laws, history, prophesies, etc. from the Old Testament) became flesh (God as Jesus Christ).

Luke is my favorite Gospel writer, and he wrote the Acts of the Apostles (or simply Acts) as well. He is the only writer of the Bible that was a Gentile. AND I would just like to add that Luke happens to be in my family tree from my father's side. Luke worked closely with Paul, my favorite writer in the Bible overall. Paul cared so much for the new Christians after he converted to Christianity himself. It was amazing and interesting to read about his shift from killing Christians to joining them in the Book of Acts.

The Book of James (Jesus' brother), finally, is another favorite biblical writer of mine. His book is about taming all those annoyances in life that I mentioned above - anger, the deceitful tongue, pride, and so on.

Joyce Meyer

God has given Joyce Meyer a lot of writing and speaking gifts. I listen to her podcasts frequently and have many of her books. So, she is my favorite author in both of those arenas. I think she speaks God's truth in a way that is clear. I consider her a mentor for my Bible learning and for showing me how to live a joyful life regardless of my circumstances. And her ministry helps so many suffering people around the world.

Carlene O'Conner

Carlene O'Conner is my favorite fictional author. She writes a series of Irish murder mysteries that keep me on the edge of my seat. Her books don't have any obscenities, and the characters are charming. 

What about you?

It's your turn. Do you have one favorite author? Or are you like me - you have a lot of favorite authors? Tell us who they are and why they're your favorite in the comments section below.

Wishing you many blessings,



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