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Question of the Week: Do You Have a Hobby?

Do you have a hobby?

Good morning! I hope you're having a lovely day. The reason I ask this question today is because I've read a few articles about hobbies. And the main thing I have learned about hobbies is that having at least one is very therapeutic. I actually find this to be true for myself.

When I took my mom to see a physical therapist in 2021, he was asking her questions to get her approved for a battery-operated wheelchair. One of the questions he asked was, "Do you have any hobbies?" Her reply was, "No." He acted as though this was the first time he had had anyone answer no. I've tried to get her interested in a few hobbies over the years, but I didn't tell him that. She simply isn't interested in hobbies. If I had been the patient that day, however, his fingers would have been very tired. 

Busy Hobbies

I have several of what I call busy hobbies, meaning they keep my mind busy. Blogging ranks at the top of these hobbies obviously. 😁 My work-from-home jobs (transcribing, proofreading, and data entry) rank high on my hobby list as well. Reading is a great way to escape from a hectic life as long as I can concentrate on what I'm reading. I read cozy fiction and a potpourri of nonfiction. Writing eBooks to help others is the most fulfilling of my busy hobbies. I want to add playing the piano to this list of busy hobbies at some point in my life.

Crafting Hobbies

Crafting is my fun hobby. My crafting hobbies include quilting, other sewing, cross stitching, paint-by-number, latch hooking, and mosaic art (kits). I hope to add loom weaving and free-hand painting to this list. Right now, I'm quilting small cheater quilts. I call these cheater quilts because I just sandwich batting between two pieces of fabric and hand quilt the pieces together. The top piece of fabric has designs that I quilt around. I also have several quilts that I have machine pieced (sewn the squares together on a sewing machine) that I need to hand quilt as well.

In the past, I actually created patterns as Sew Practical for quilts, soft sculpt dolls, purses, ornaments, and more. That was a combination busy/craft hobby that I don't really have time for anymore. At some point, I may update those and start selling them again. Who knows? Updating those may inspire me to create more sewing patterns. 

What is your hobby?
Image courtesy of Karly Santiago via Unsplash


Learning is a hobby I enjoy doing daily. I honestly can't get enough God in the past several years. He has led me to so many resources. I took online courses from Christian Leaders Institute for about three years. I do a lot of self-studies from 5 or 6 study Bibles, Spurgeon's Sermons, 3 or 4 daily devotions, books from historians of the New Testament times such as Josephus. I listen to Joyce Meyer podcasts from time to time. She is one of the best teachers I've heard, and I have several of her books as well.

SEO is probably second on the list of things I enjoy learning about. There is so much different information about search engine optimization, but there are some basics that most SEO teachers agree on. So, those most agreed upon are the ones I try to remember when writing these blog posts. 😉


I also enjoy spending time with my family. We have our nightly Bible study Monday through Friday. We eat dinner together every night and spend the last 2 or 3 hours watching our favorite shows together before bedtime. I try to spend more time with my parents whether it's a phone call, a visit to their home, or taking them to a doctor's visit or on a shopping trip. Family time is very important to us, and it's my favorite of all the things that I do.

What hobbies do you enjoy?

Again, I ask you, do you have a hobby? Please tell us about them by leaving a comment below this post. We're looking forward to getting to know you better. 

Take care and have a blessed day.


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